Hi, Jeremy here. 

I’m a designer and problem solver.

(though I think those two are actually two ways of saying the same thing)

I’m currently finishing up my term at 18F where I’m acting UX Supervisor for a team brilliant designers. I’ve gotten the amazing privilege to work with some amazing folks, on some really interesting projects. Too many to do justice to here, but I’ll mention a few: I led UX design on the Federal Election Commissions relaunch, helped advise the Obama Administration’s Office of Science and Technology along with NASA and NOAA on ways to make government climate change data more accessible and easy to use. I also helped found the Method Cards, and the UX Research Guild (a community of individuals attempting to grow their UX and research practices. Underpinning all these projects was a similar aim: to help increase the number people in government who understand the importance of being human-centered and have the tools to be so.

While I’ll miss the work and colleagues at 18F, I’m excited to explore new opportunities this fall (2018). I’m open to both short term contract work and full-time senior/lead UX and service design positions.

Know of any interesting opportunities?

Or hit me up on twitter: