Improving Information Flows

Information Technology Security Services (ITSS) is a new organization within the University of Michigan, charged with the prevention of serious security breaches throughout all of the University's campuses, departments, and hospitals. ITSS asked our project team to study the coordination of security information as it flows to and from units and departments. We completed an in-depth contextual inquiry to analyze the structure of these information flows and made recommendations to ease problematic areas and increase the overall flow of information. We interviewed subjects in both the ITSS organization and academic departments, and organized our findings into an affinity diagram. This allowed us to identify problematic flows within the organization and make recommendations for positive change, which our client reported would be adopted, praising them as both “objective” and providing “a great roadmap for improvements.” I served as the project leader and client liaison for this project.

Skills: Ideation, Project Leadership, Contextual Inquiry, Affinity Diagramming, Modeling
Fall 2008