Scientific Knowledge Managment

good measure

Good Measure is an electronic lab assistant design project my team completed in December of 2008. Our client, Weber Innovations, sought our help in creating a clean, fully realized design and workflow that allowed the bench-level researchers a simple way to share knowledge in the lab environment.

tools of the tradeMy team and I completed a contextual inquiry, interviewing the researchers in the lab to discover the problems they encountered with the current process and lab setting. We applied these findings through an iterative design methodology, creating wireframes, mock-ups, and finally an interactive high fidelity prototype that allowed us to refine the design ideas and provide our client with a foundation to develop the application.

While most of the responsibilities on the project were shared, I was responsible for developing many of both the low and high fidelity prototypes, as well as testing these prototypes with users.

Check out our project website, and our interactive prototype.

Skills: contextual inquiry, affinity diagraming, software design, prototyping

Fall 2008