Projects: Graphic Design

Time Lime

While my skills lie firmly with expericence design and Information Visualization, I have experience in creating graphic designs that attempt to strike a balance between innovation, communication and expression. Two notable recent projects are included here. The Time Lime Project was a time line project of a dispersed set of 15 books. Rather than creating a simple time line, I chose to create an arc that allowed me to include the time dimension on multiple dimensions, so that I could include the length of the author's life (represented as the straight thin lines) to give an idea of at what age the author wrote the book, and how long after writing it they lived. Living authors life span extend beyond the horizon of the arc.


“Alphacracy” is my take on an alphabetic design, which requires that a picture and word or phrase be constructed for each letter in the alphabet within a theme. I chose to use the theme of government power, which became very challenging, and nearly impossible for some of the rare letters.


Skills: Graphic Design, with Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design

Fall 2009