Market Guardians

Corner Store Checkup

Like many major American cities, some neighborhoods in San Francisco lack access to affordable healthy foods. The Market Guardians project is a collaboration with a Bay Area food advocacy group to improve the food options in corner and convenience stores in the city. Our team recognized that the first step to improving corner stores is getting good data regarding their wares. We therefore created a simple mobile web app to make it easier for residents and food advocates to evaluate and share the healthfulness of food options at these stores.

Our store check-up app was a mobile adaption of the validated public health surveys, but simple and focused enough that it reduced the amount of time it takes to evaluate a store from hours to minutes. Also, because it is a mobile web app, it can be used on any phone with a web browser.

I headed up interaction design and mobile development for the project, and, as it was one of 4 winners of Summer of Smart hackathon series, had the honor of co-presenting it at the Commonwealth Club’s mayoral debate.

Skills: Mobile Web Development, Interaction Design

Summer 2011