The Civic Commons

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Everyday, city governments across the country invest in millions of dollars of software without the benefit of the experiences of other cities with nearly identical problems. The Civic Commons aims to guide better technology decision making by helping civic innovators spread information about the technology they use, and where possible, the technology itself. Think of it as an app store for government technology, where civic leaders across the country and world can share their knowledge.

My Role

I managed the user research phase of the project and, with two other Code for America fellows, conducted and distilled over 100 user and stakeholder interviews from civic technologists across the country at all levels of government. From this, as the product manager, I designed the interactions and flows for the application, iterating on them based on testing with users and senior design consultants at Hot Design Studio. I also coordinated and negotiated implementation trade-offs with a global team of developers and made changes to the front end code.


contextual inquiry, interaction design, wireframing, product management, project management

2011 - 2012