outWord for the iPhone

outWord is a game created by Phonagle, the company I co-founded with three other SI students upon winning a highly competitive student start-up opportunity. This innovative game used the real world as its gameboard, allowing players to compete against their neighbors and friends to find letters and build words. It wasn't for couch potatoes: you had to be near the letters to get them, and that often involved walking. The response was very positive, with thousands of players and hundreds of thousands of words submitted worldwide.

My Role

I headed up the user research and experience design. This involved developing user research plans, running and synthesizing user interviews, developing sketches, testing them, and rapidly iterating on them, and assisting in their development.


Phonagle was one of the founding member companies of the TechArb, a student run start-up incubator that provided a collaborative environment for a number of newly minted entrepreneurs at the University of Michigan. The members of the TechArb, along with RPM Ventures, successfully lobbied (both directly and through our achievements) the University's Center for Entrepreneurship to assume and expand support of the incubator.


contextual interviews and analysis, interaction design, user and market research, mobile game development, entrepreneurship

2009 - 2011