The Swellness Project

screen shot of steps application

The “Social Wellness” or Swellness project is a collaboration between Intel Digital Health and the University of Michigan’s School of Information to better understand social computing’s potential role in generating wellness interventions. A significant portion of this study included building a pedometer integrated Facebook application that allowed users to compare their walking behavior with other players. Additionally, both the application and other users encourage goal setting and maintenance through the innovative walk-tracking application.

My Role

I was the lead user experience designer on the project, responsible for synthesizing interviews, helping to develop personas and user stories, creating interface mock-ups of revised and new functionality, communicating these to developers, team management and other stakeholders. I also helped these stakeholders to understand the trade-offs between designs, and of course iterating on these designs based upon user feedback and the evolving goals of the study. Designing this application required creating incentives and comparisons that would encourage contribution, friendly competition and goal setting for players with a wide range of performance and ability.


Interface and User Experience Design, Contextual Analysis, Game Design, Graphic Design, Agile Methodology

Summer 2010