Tacoma Crime Visualization

Tacoma Crime Viz

Like many U.S. cities, Tacoma, Washington has a high crime rate. Our client, the city planner's office, approached us to create a visual representation of how crimes were distributed over time and among the city's districts. We used a combined map and time-based visualization so that our client in the city planner's office could quickly assess changes in the crime rate over time and with in a given district. To get there, we focused on how the potential users, both in the planner's office as well as the citizenry at large would use crime data. We held interviews, researched our users, and created personas.

My Role

My role in the project primarily focused on ideation and leading the iterative interaction design process. I also did the data manipulation work, translating the native sources to work with our application.

From these, we developed lo-fidelity sketches that we quickly iterated on based on feedback from usability sessions to create a functional interactive prototype. Our client was very satisfied with the project, and presented our visualization to city officials during a conference this past summer, where it was well received. Find out more on our project site or try out our prototype.


Ideation, Interaction Design, Protoyping, User Interviews, Data Manipulation

Spring 2009