Project // Outword





Outword was a game I helped design, develop and release on the App Store while at the University of Michigan. It was a word-building game crossed with a scavenger hunt – it used the real world as its gameboard, allowing players to compete against others nearby to find letters geo-located in their neighborhood to build words (and as such, often involved walking). The game garnered positive reviews, thousands of players and hundreds of thousands of words submitted worldwide. While we discontinued support of the game, it's success, along with that of other student-run companies, helped to successfully build the case for the University of Michigan's Center for Entrepreneurship to support a student-run company incubator.

My Role

I headed up the user research and experience design. This involved developing user research plans, running and synthesizing user interviews, developing sketches, testing them, and rapidly iterating on them, and assisting in their development.